Post Decree Attorneys in Centennial 

Helping You Navigate Needs Arising After a Divorce in Douglas, Arapahoe, Jefferson, Adams, Denver, Boulder, El Paso Counties, & Surrounding Areas

After a divorce is finalized, situations can arise that neither party predicted. When circumstances of life change and affect the arrangements you and your former partner made, or decisions that were made by the Court, we can help you secure modifications to ensure your needs and/or the needs of your children are met.

Reasons to Modify a Divorce Decree

  • Change of circumstance affecting a child’s best interest
  • Remarriage or other relationship changes
  • Job or schedule changes or military enlistment or deployment
  • A parent wants to assume or change decision-making responsibility for a child
  • A parent wishes to relocate
  • Involvement of grandparents or others
  • Issues of endangerment
  • A parent paying child support or a former spouse paying spousal maintenance/alimony loses a job or experiences a significant reduction or increase in income
  • Expenses for a child change significantly
  • A supported child becomes emancipated
  • Maintenance terminates or is modified

For help with your unique post decree situation, contact Solutions Based Family Law at (720) 463-2232 today. 

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