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The concept of what makes up a family in America has been evolving in the past few decades beyond the traditional. These new families can consist of common-law parents who are no less committed to one another and their families than married partners, same-sex couples who may have blended families or families by surrogate, transgender families, families with adopted stepchildren, and more. 

In this new context of family structure, many legal issues can arise that differ from those of traditional families and call for legal solutions that may or may not yet be governed by law. Non-traditional families have the same needs and desires as traditional partners and parents. 

Yet their legal needs in issues involving children, adoption, shared property and assets, and financial matters such as child support or custody may be much more complex. At Solutions Based Family Law, we are attuned and sensitive to the needs of non-traditional families and put creative and innovative solutions to work for you in resolving unique family law problems. 

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Non-Traditional Family Law Services

Whether you are seeking a same-sex divorce or legal separation, the adoption of your partner’s biological child, or visitation rights to that child, Solutions Based Family Law is here to provide the detailed guidance and support you need.

Non-traditional family law services can include:

  • Cohabitation agreements
  • Transgender divorce, including custody and support issues
  • Same-sex divorce, including custody and support issues
  • Common Law divorce
  • Adoption of your partner’s biological child
  • Stepparent adoption, parental rights, and visitation
  • Grandparents’ visitation rights
  • Donor insemination contracts
  • Surrogacy contracts and issues
  • Mediation needed for same-sex partner dissolution and other issues

Colorado family law may not be definitive in any number of non-traditional family law situations which is why it is important to work with a law firm that is experienced in creative problem-solving. 

At Solutions Based Family Law, our name reflects the approach we take in every family law case, whether it involves the creation of a new relationship or family, the dissolution of one with its attendant issues and parenting needs, or some other aspect of the domestic scene. Our team is committed to finding workable, practical, and positive answers to your non-traditional family law needs.