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Colorado is a no-fault divorce state, which means that neither spouse needs to show misconduct by the other spouse to end the marriage. You can file for divorce in Colorado if your marriage is irretrievably broken. We can help you navigate this process by using innovative solutions that will provide the best possible outcome for moving on with your life.

The Initials Steps for Filing for a Divorce

  • Filing the Petition for Dissolution of Marriage: This can be filed by one spouse or jointly. At least one party must have resided in Colorado for 91 days prior to filing for divorce.
  • Receive and Review Divorce Documents from the Court: These documents will include general timelines for the case and Orders for applicable parenting classes, documentation necessary to submit, the Court’s general procedures, and an Initial Status Conference Date.
  • Personal Service: If only one spouse filed, then proof of personal service will need to be filed with the Court evidencing the other party received notice that an action has commenced.
  • Complete Mandatory Financial Disclosures and Other Necessary Court Forms: Both parties will need to provide full and complete financial disclosures outlining all income, expenses, assets, debts, and any other material matters for the Court. Additional forms may be required depending on whether the case will be contested or uncontested.
  • Initial Status Conference: This is the first appearance before the Court wherein the Court will want to understand the issues and needs of the case. Parties will generally leave with a better understanding of a timeline for their case.
  • Mediation: If there are contested issues, generally the Court will order the parties to attend mediation to make a good faith attempt to resolve contested issues.
  • Permanent Orders Hearing: Any unresolved issues will be heard and resolved by the Judge presiding over the case.
  • Dissolution of Marriage: Upon a final settlement agreement or Permanent Orders from the Court, a Decree of Dissolution of Marriage will be entered with any Support Orders finalizing your divorce case.

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