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Family Law Representation in Centennial & Douglas, Arapahoe, Jefferson, Adams, Denver, Boulder, El Paso, Broomfield Counties, & Surrounding Areas

At Solutions Based Family Law, we provide a full complement of services related to divorce and family law in Colorado. Whether you are considering divorce, have already begun the process, or are facing post-divorce issues that have surfaced years after your decree was finalized, we can help. 

Our team knows that family law matters can arise throughout your life and, when they do, you will need to understand how the law impacts you, what your options may be, and the consequences of any decisions you make. 

Our team of family lawyers is here to provide you with the answers you need and the solutions that will be right for you and your family. We know that every family and every family issue is unique and calls for individualized guidance and representation. We also know that these issues can be emotionally overwhelming which is why we serve our clients with not only legal proficiency but with human understanding. 

Need answers or guidance? Contact Solutions Based Family Law via our online request form or call (720) 463-2232 to schedule a consultation today. 

Cases We Handle

We handle the following family law matters:

Divorce. We represent clients in both uncontested and contested divorce cases, including those involving high net worth and non-traditional families, such as in same-sex divorce.

Legal Separation. This process leaves your marital status intact but allows you and your spouse to live separately and apart with appropriate court orders similar to those issued in divorce.

Mediation. This dispute resolution process allows you and the other party to resolve your issues outside the courtroom, leaving you in control while avoiding the stress of a trial.

Collaborative Law. This process puts you and the other party along with your respective attorneys into private negotiations for a mutually-beneficial settlement.

Child Custody. Our Centennial child custody attorneys are prepared to help you protect your parental rights.

Child support. Colorado law requires parents to financially support their children and provides state guidelines for the support calculation. 

Allocation of Parental Responsibilities. Child custody and parenting plans are often a major hurdle for parents facing divorce. Our team can assist in resolving this vital matter.

Spousal support. This type of financial support is based on the individual needs and unique circumstances of the case. We can help you whether seeking or contesting it.

Property division. The division of marital property and debt can be complex; we can bring in financial experts to help you make informed decisions.

Protection orders. These orders are commonly granted in domestic violence cases. Our firm is ready to protect you and your family when needed.

Adoption. Nothing is more rewarding than creating or expanding your family. We can guide you through the lengthy and often stressful process.

Non-traditional family law. For non-traditional families, divorce, child custody, and other issues can bring their own unique and complicated challenges. Let us find the right solutions for you.

Post Decree. Issues can arise long after your divorce has been finalized. We can help with the enforcement and modifications of existing court orders.

Appellate law. If you believe your case was settled unfairly or in error by the court, you have the right to appeal. Our firm can review your case and take appropriate action on your behalf. 

Criminal Defense. If you are charged with a crime, hiring a criminal defense attorney is imperative to protect yourself and your future. Our criminal defense attorneys have many years of experience in the Colorado justice system and are here to put that experience to work for you.

Civil Litigation. Civil litigation can be daunting and complex which is why hiring an experienced civil defense attorney can be one of the most important decisions you ever make. If you or a loved one are dealing with a civil defense matter, our experienced attorneys are here to help you.  

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