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Parenting Time in the Summer

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Does Your Parenting Plan Include a Summer Schedule?

With spring upon us, summer is only a few short months away. Now may be the perfect time for you to start thinking about what camps you want to enroll your children in, whether you can take an extended summer vacation, or if there are changes you want to make to where you child attends school. Sharing custody with another parent during summer vacations can be complicated, which is why having a parenting plan in place that addresses summer visitation schedules and vacations can be very helpful.

The goal in any parenting plan is the keep the kids’ best interests as the top priority. Ideally, if you and your ex can agree on a summer schedule that meets the best interest of the kids and both parties, that is the best outcome. That said, it is always recommended to get the agreement in writing and added to your parenting plan to ensure there is no confusion regarding these arrangements in the future. Doing this protects both parties as it is a written plan that can always be referenced later on to help mitigate any disagreements or misunderstandings that might arise.

What To Do When Your Parenting Plan Doesn’t Include a Summer Schedule

Mediations and Motions to Modify

If your parenting plan does not address these issues, now may be the best time to initiate mediation and/or a motion to modify your parenting plan to accommodate. Typically, courts recognize that summer schedules are different than the regular school year and account for the fact that there may be special vacations, camps etc. During mediation, you and your ex can add language to your parenting plan to address summer schedules, and what is in the best interest of your children. If you do not have a parenting plan set, contacting an attorney to help you establish one is a good next step to help make summer vacations as enjoyable as possible by all parties involved.

Contact Solutions Based Family Law for Help with Your Summer Parenting Plan

We often get asked what the best way is to make changes to summertime parenting schedules. If you and your ex cannot come to an agreement about these changes, or if the other party is not obliging by the current parenting plan, then initiating mediation and/or a motion to modify your parenting plan may be the next best step.

If you need help creating or enforcing a parenting plan, please contact one of our experienced attorneys for assistance. Give us a call at (720) 463-2232 or contact us online to get started.